ADCO TRAVEL TOURISM AND AIRPORT SERVICESis a commercial group with over 20 years of experience and was established in Somalia with its main focus of providing air travel solutions in Somalia. With its head quarters in Mogadishu Somalia and liaison offices in Nairobi, Kenya, ADTT AS has been able to link Somalia to the rest of the world. ADTT AS has form strategic partnerships with DAALLO AIRLINES to provide a link from people flying in and out of Somalia.


With the establishment K50 airport, ADTT AS has been providing airport services for Somalia citizens and aide agencies. The company provides full comprehensive service that include ticketing, passenger handling of all airlines, full airport ground services including catering, cargo handling, hotel accommodation and security services (using specially UN trained ADCO security staff) to and from the airport including secure transport to accessible areas of Somalia.


With twenties years of experience and its professional staff , ADCO TRAVEL handles a minimum of 5 aircrafts a day at the K50 airport and 5 aircrafts at the Mogadishu airport. At both the K50 and Mogadishu airports ADCO TRAVEL has all the handling equipment necessary for dirt airport and non jet aircrafts.



DAALLO Airlines is a regional carrier that serves the East African region with flights to France and UK and the Gulf . We are the national carrier for the Republic of Djibouti, having a significant dominance in the cargo and the passenger traffic to and from these countries. Our reputation for reliability , scheduling, frequencies and customer service has been built over the past 17 years. We have gained tremendous goodwill in the region for serving the community through the times of hardship and civil strife.

Our strong regional route network includes Djibouti, Dubai, Jeddah, Hargeisa, Galkayo, Bossaso, Mogadishu, Nairobi, Paris and London. Currently Daallo Airline’ s employees number 250 employees, coming from diverse backgrounds and cultures, and contributing to rich mix and experience of the flying experience. Daallo Airlines began operations in 1991 using a single wet-leased Cessna Caravan operating from Djibouti to Hargeisa, Somalia, after the demise of Somali Airlines following the civil war in Somalia. The success of the airline has afforded its expansion to destinations in the Middle East, Europe and other points in central and eastern Africa.

DAALLO caters to the VFR’ s, tourists and traders of the Horn of Africa. DAALLO airline’ s major strength is the strong knowledge of the region’ s needs, and its investment in its resources has also contributed to its success. The Company has an impressive track record in corporate responsibility , always supporting community projects and programs in regions where it operates. It has participated in relief and medical supply efforts in eastern and central Africa. It also operates flights for Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages. Daallo Airlines fleet consists of 757-200, 727-200, AN24, with IL76 and AN12 f or the cargo operations. 6

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